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Why Evaluate? 

It is critical to obtain an accurate understanding of processing, social, behavioral or emotional issues as early as possible. 

Earlier intervention results in a more successful outcome.  

An independent evaluation provides a detailed summary of results, recommendations for treatment, and strategies for addressing social concerns, behavior, emotional functions, and academic difficulties in a "whole child" approach. 

Our Patients:
Our patients often present with:

  • school difficulties
  • inattention
  • social weaknesses
  • genetic disorders
  • developmental disabilities
  • head injury
  • stroke
  • psychiatric issues
  • behavioral concerns

Diagnostic Assessment: 

Evaluations include tests of:

  • attention
  • memory
  • learning
  • neurocognitive processing
  • behavior
  • emotional functions
  • social skills
  • personality functions

We provide consultation to individuals, families, schools, health professionals, and other agencies in order to help our patients achieve their highest potential. 

How does the Day Go?

Most evaluations take from 4 to 6 hours.  We start with a comprehensive interview followed by testing.  Tests are paper and pencil or computer based.  A feedback session occurs a week or two later.  

Full diagnostic reports with findings, impressions and recommendations is completed usually within 3 to 4 weeks.  We provide breaks, water and snacks as needed.